During a small ceremony, Managing Director Robert Fritsch, together with Technical Director Wolfgang Mutter and numerous colleagues bid farewell to Annette Fried, who will retire after working more than 42 years at FRITSCH Milling and Sizing.
Mrs. Fried, who started her career at FRITSCH on April 1, 1976 - at that time still in the company building in Idar-Oberstein - took all those present back on an amusing journey through time to everyday office life: " There was no computer, mobile phone or internet, but an electric ball head typewriter. And if you were lucky, it was even equipped with correction tape. Even today, it is unimaginable to imagine an everyday office life without computers which were introduced at FRITSCH in the 80s. For updates, the hard disks were loaded into a car and brought to Saarbrücken," explained Annette Fried.
Mrs. Fried thanked  management for the trust they had placed in her, her team colleagues for their many years of good cooperation and wishes them continued success and joy at work.

It was also a very special day for Robert Fritsch to say goodbye to the employee with the longest service. He also picked up on Mrs. Frieds tenor and summed up the changes that have taken place over the last 40 years: "Technology not only changes production, but especially everyday office life,” he explained.
He was pleased that he and Mrs. Fried can look back on 40 years of positive development at FRITSCH and this was part of their professional lives, "In regards of world politics, this cannot be taken for granted and I consider it a gift.

The successor of Annette Fried, Fabian Mayer, thanked her for the professional job training, the cooperation and the good conversations.
Subsequently, work council member Markus Presser addressed personal words on behalf of the FRITSCH colleagues to Mrs. Fried.

All FRITSCH employees wish Annette Fried all the best for the new phase of her life, of course in good health.